Hulo Mi Amigo!

Random thoughts, zyxyzyzvcb. Tapi merasa harus dituangkan agar tidak sesak terus jadinya nangis bombay ala buaya darat.

Berawal dari sebuah pertemuan dengan teman lama yang membawa segala nostalgila berputar putar dengan bahagianya. Antara suka-duka-tangis-tawa dan teriakan kasir J.Co yang memanggil kopi pesanan ‘Tane’ yang tidak kunjung tiba karena yang bersangkutan dan temannya baru saja menghilangkan struk nota J.Co tersebut.

Hmm.. tulisan sudah mulai membelok dari tujuan awal seperti biasa..

Jujur rasanya kaget tidak kepalang ketika bertemu dan mengobrol ‘tidak jelas lagi’.

This feeling..

Aah… Perasaan menye-menye yang sama seperti saat kita berdua duduk di undakan masjid menunggu waktu tibanya solat sambil memperdebatkan hal konyol di zaman SMP.

Best friend sticks forever.

Satu pepatah yang Ayahku ulangi berkali kali bila mana beliau sedang mendalami narasi zaman kuliahnya yang berisi pengalamannya dengan sahabat-sahabatnya. Ahh.. so true indeed.

Then something snaps in my head after the so called J.Co shenanigans. It’s worth it banget untuk tiba tiba dapat masalah ajaib (dipanggil berkali kali sama kasir J.Co yang mulai sebal karena yang bersangkutan tidak muncul muncul karena struknya sedang hilang) kalau itu berarti bisa bertemu dengan teman lama dan membuat hubungan baru yang lebih erat.

Tiba tiba teringat akan teman teman yang lain. Teman yang dulu kita sticks together like an envelope and stamp. Atau seperti Starsky & Hutch, Hachiko dan tuannya dan segala analogi yang menunjukkan dua sejoli yang tidak terpisahkan. Cuz, sometimes there are those awkward moments ketika nge lihat facebook teman lama (or best friend in this instant) dan kepikiran, ‘whoaaa where did he/she/it goes??’ padahal sebenarnya ngga jauh jauh amat secara fisik. Cuma perlu naik motor sebentar, mutar mutar jalan ini itu dan itu ini dan akan ketemu juga dengan yang bersangkutan. Atau ada juga yang nun jauh di sana tempat tinggalnya dan memang sudah lama tidak kita kontak dan berujung kepada ketidak tahuan yang membingungkan. Ingin bertemu?

Kangen sih kangen, kalau ketemu pasti hebohnya sampai kedengaran di planet tetangga.  Tapi yah, namanya juga manusia yang penuh salah dan dosa, malesnya itu yang tidak tertahankan. Yang dekat dilupakan dan yang jauh di tinggalkan. Astaga, makin parah aja deh status persahabatannya. Tapi kadang juga karena takut. Takut dia sudah berubah, atau takut dia menganggap kita sudah berubah. Drastis maupun tidak, in change we fear, karena itulah partai Republik tidak suka dengan Obama (trivia membosankan…)

Kadang kasusnya karena kita sudah pisah kelas, sekolah, kota dan bahkan benua. Mendadak untuk saling menghubungi saja bertambah malas jadinya. When originally I thought we’re best friend who’s gonna stick together forever. Haah!! Jangan malas!! Rajin sms! Rajin buka Facebook!! Temu temu dan kopi darat sama teman semuanya!!

Inginnya sih begitu. Tapi bagaimana ya..??

Any suggestion oh my dear almost non-existence reader?


23 thoughts on “Hulo Mi Amigo!

  1. sama ko, aku juga suka males say hi gitu sama temen2 lama… tapi yaa kayanya mereka sama aja sih, sama2 males haha, kalo emang ga bisa diapa2in lagi ya ga usah dipaksain deket, kaya aku dan temanku yg dari dubai itu? aku lebih suka inget dia jadi temenku yg pendiem dulu, les piano berdua sambil senderan punggung baca buku (unyu bgt ya).. bukannya org2 jadi jahat ato apa, mereka, kita, ya berubah aja. Temen lama jadi temen baru lagi.

    Ayo kita ketemu lagiiiii 😀 ah post mu kurang dramatis, gimana kek, kisahkan kisah kehidupanku yang menakjubkan. o.o

    1. Just that, kadang kita ngga nyangka kita berubah jadi apa ya? Dan tiba tiba terkaget kaget sendiri ketika reunian. Kayaknya itulah hidup, ada lagu dari Jhon lennon (kalau ngga salah) judulnya Beautiful Boy, ‘Life is what you get when you’re not busy making other plans’.
      ]LIfe goes on, dan kita tinggal lihat kita jadi apa entar.

      Postku kurang dramatis coba…
      Entar kalau hidupku mendadak sedramatis Romeo dan Juliet ya beib :B

    1. thanks dear~~~
      Well, I was an active member in, so I was an author, for a short moment before I got bored and sent my stories into hiatus mode D:

      Do you have any blogs? Would like to correspondent with you, if you want to 😀

  2. Alas, i used to own one blog but it were ages ago. I stopped myself looked after the blog since i forgot the password XD (actually i don’t catch up with the speed of internet nowadays ;( )

    I mean author in the real world. Ever considered one?

    By the way, im sorry for the triple same posts. I got problem with my cell internet connection

    1. umma! Extreme sorry for the late reply. My comment alert feature is not working, wonder how to activate it?

      😛 classic situation, forgetting password. No probs dear, this is actually my 1587562th blog since I forgot my past blogs password as well 😀

      Author in the real world? That would be fun, but I’ve never really think about it. Writing is just a hobby for me, something I do in my free time. Et tu?

  3. Oh dear, i can’t help you since i just trespassing here.
    Concerned about out of blue fact, thats a ton of numbers. U should probably write the password down and maybe u can win book some name inside book of record. 🙂 im just teasing
    i write story in the outside world. Writing actually is also my hobby but i consider it as future profession recently

    1. Win the book of record.. that sounds like a cool thing to do. Maybe I’ll do it, and I’ll make sure to put your name as the one who inspire me 😀

      So you want to be a writer? Can I see any of your works?
      Oh, and I’m a bit lost with the ‘outside world’ term. Like writing in another galaxy or dimension??? :O

  4. Wow, thank you. 😀
    You wanted to see my writing? Oh dear, mine is still loushy T.T, not like yours.
    nay, the term of outside world is this world. The world beyond this plastic glass of internet world

    1. ASDGFHFGJKL, you call that thing you just wrote about the outside world lousy..?! Slap me three time in the face and I’ll accept it gladly :DD
      From my reading, you do have a knack at writing girl :3

      I just realized that you commented my cross language (english-Indonesian) blog post. Are you an Indonesian?

  5. Oh my! thanks. I will take it as compliment
    Yeah, i actually am Indonesian. But it feels great to have a website-comment-chatting-with expert speaker of english since my head awfully being messed up with german 😀

    1. That is a compliment dear 🙂

      Ark, I’m not an english expert! Well I hope I am, realized how I messed up my entire grammar thingy-thingy? I’m a true Grammar-Nazi believer.

      germaaaan~~~. The only thing I know in German is Gutten tag and gutten morgen, gee standard knowledge, I know -__-

  6. Well, i’m quite care about the grammar but not really that care. What disturbing me most is vocab and speaking. Huh! Why i can’t just remember all those words!

    XD german aren’t that difficult though

    1. Ah, I experienced the same problem as well. Like the time when I just had to write about something and I just couldn’t find the right words and starts singing to vent up the frustration 😀

      Are you in german major?

  7. Yeah, sometime words are rarer than diamond.
    No, i am not. I am taking biology major and maybe will resign next year. I teach myself german since i didn’t get it from shs anymore

    1. Resign as in self dropping out your self? why??

      Hmm.. I tried to emailed you using your anyakova-liliana mail, but apparently it was a fake email address? Can I have your actual email address? It’ll be a lot easier for us to ‘chat’ 🙂

      1. Hey, it’s been so long. Do you have mid-term test lately?

        Indeed. Oh dear, biology is like a hell. Even worse. My head feel like is going to blast off. For 4 days in a week, i’m only able to sleep for 2-3 hours.

        Fake? Thats weird my friends said the same thing but this e-mail is for sure is exist. Why don’t u try again? Ive just activated it yesterday

        1. You got that right. My mid test was over like a week ago, but the shock on how my scores are doing so very well except on this one subject sent me spiraling. Noooeeeesss!!!

          Oh dear, biology was one of my favorite subject back in High School, but I guess college made it harder? Dang!! No sleep is no good!
          Where are you going then?

          weirdness are among us D: still can’t reach your mail. And oh, is Anyakova your real name? Sorry, just can’t stop but to ask 😛

  8. Noes? Did you get flu at the test?

    It’s not about the lesson, dear. Biology as well as my favourite subject back there when i was still wearing gray-white uniform. Only the paper which make it turn to be suck.

    Are you sure trying to send to this e-mail:
    No, dear. Its fine. I’m like being asked by someone as long as is nothing to do with my private bondaries. Liliana Anyakova isn’t my real name. Its the name of one of my favourite novel character.

    1. no no nooo.. ‘noeeees’ is just a plural version of no, which I invented for my own purpose 😛

      ahh.. paper. You know, coming from me who’s studying at communication major, we have a proverb about papers, assignment and presentation saying, “10% preparations and 90% bullshit.”. Because really, communication is about bluffing and fact spinning 😀

      Liliana Anyakova sounded like a Russian name, any good russian book? Lately I have trouble finding good books to read, book recommendation please…..

      There is seriously something wrong with your email, still can’t reach you. Or try email me to

  9. Hey! Finally i could find another word inventor. But im still amateur at inventing word. Sometime it feels ‘alien’ when you write sometime which don’t base on ‘the holly oxford dictionary’ 🙂

    oh, dear! I just hope biology would be like that but really everything here must be based on facts, theories and so on T.T I’m sci-myth-fi author, i ain’t really need facts!

    Yeah, its Russian name. You know there is a trivia about Russian name. Russian book? I never read Russian book till today. Mostly German, American, and France. Good book? I like ‘Time of the Storks’. It came from German author: Herbert Otto. Dr Jakleyyn and Hide, and books from Jules Verne hand. But i warned you one thing. Those books are very rare today. Once you found it, it always half-eaten, half-yellowed, half-spidered. Why people difficult to appreciate foreign literature? 😥 (don’t mention the harry and rowling thingy, jacob and twilight thingy)

    sure, i’ll. But afraid i can’t contact you this week. I got a dozen revision and paper this week

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