That thing with a CAPITAL F(angurling)


That thing with a CAPITAL F(angurling).




That moment after you finished reading a very good book (notice the extra care to mention the ‘good’ term??)

(Fangurling starts here and so on..)

As I twirl myself Mafioso style from the adrenaline that rushes freely like the M16 highway back in lovely England there, I couldn’t help myself but to grin wide cheek to cheek that could beat Chesire’s with such ferocity that he’d be ashamed and forced to eat his own tails.

That moment when you realized you just read one of the most coolest literature –sort of thingy thingy, if and only if should you be able to define a mere fanfiction as a literature since it also contains the sort of melodious diction that made you joygasm from the mere prologue- and couldn’t help the tingling feeling when you’re brain went on a rampage mode that needed extreme ways to convey the bunny plot jumping like a hoard of energizer bunny on Easter.

So yeaaaah.. Feeling rather disappointed that every great thing must come to an end, especially the EXTREMELY GREAT –refers to the end of the fanfic I just finished to read, bohohohooooo!!!- thing where it made you jumped and reeled back while holding dear to every foothold available in any five foot range. Since you half heartedly agreed to your inner voice on how retarded you were to read the final chapter of the monstrous fanfic and left yourself to succumb in a mix of emotion of jumping jolly and downright depressed to rolling on the floor while trying to calm your frantic heart from popping itself free from the bounds of your rib cage.

The exhilaration!!!!!

I just need to control myself, force feed a couple of horse tranquilizer pills and it should solve the problem of this anxiousness and promises of imagination running wild while I lay on my bed trying to squeezed my eye shut and my brain to just stop working and please –godammit- SLEEP!!!

Shall promise myself, I’m so not going to read any sort of fanfic that insanely wicked yet genius in his evil mannerism way author anymore!! Yet I’ve already downloaded a full set of his works that promised and begged to be touched, caressed, loved and perhaps plain gobbled like a turkey on dinner after a month of eating nothing but wet cardboard *insert evil laugh sound effect here*


Should this fanguring ravenous post arrives in the desktop of the author of the epic fanfic used as a reference; I shall eat my feet whole and spit the toes completely unchewed.


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