EF# 6 – all that’s left are wishes under stardust

It started with a thought, an idea which you cannot displace from your mind. It nagged your heart and you can’t help but to feel suffocated by it.

Gazing at the mirror, you realize that you wished you styled your hair differently. You wish your hair was a bit longer, that it was dyed red and styled a bit wild like your favorite singer.

But nah, let’s just combed it to the side like every other day.

You picked up your bag and checked its content. Books, pencil case, cell phone, your heavy laptop and the charger. It was heavy and it weighs your shoulder like a useless sack of things.

You wish you could just leave your bag behind and come to your classes as you are. But nah, you’ll need your book to consult, pen to write and laptop to compose your report.

Your classmates are annoying, they spewed useless analysis and submit google-search report. What are the odds of calling them stupid and getting away with it? Yet you decide to stay silent and agree to their ideas.

You realize your clothes are unfashionable and weird. You started to google some tattoo design and imagine having them printed to your body. But your body must be clear and unmarked less you anger your God.

You watch your friend smoke and you imagine having that cancer stick between your lips.

Yet at the same time you also imagine marching to them and snatching their cigar and stomped them. You hate the smoke but you still did nothing about it.

You wish you can talk with them. No you wish you can talk like them since you hate your meek and shy voice. You sounded like a bird, twittering into a silent forest with no audience.

Fly away, fly away little bird.

You imagine your footstep left piles of stardust. Something to mark your presence, anything to be remembered by anyone. Questions spiraled in your mind, a symphony of what if, what if, what if…


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Years of growing up made me realize that there’s an image of a you, you wanted to be. Somebody who’s confident, cool, suave and just amazing and basically the total opposite of you.

Disney movies helped me a lot in understanding that it’s awesome to be yourself. That I just need to be honest and try all the thing I want to try.

Be adventurous and true to yourself, so I snapped at my boyfriend who smoked in front of me, I had my ankle tattooed with non-permanent ink by Malioboro street vendor (it was gone the next day, what a cheap bargain..), I cut my hair short and I’m extremely loving it, I’m a total nerd and I’m rocking my random style.

It’s fun, it’s wild and once in a while, you really need to listen to your ‘alter-ego’ and just try it.


*btw, the story up ahead was mostly fictional. You know what they say, Fiction is a lie, and good fiction is the truth inside the lie.


** This is made for BEC groovy English Friday challenge with Alter-Ego theme. Love it.

EF#5 – to write or not to write, is that even a question?

Oh dear me… This past week I’ve been rather negligent with the groovy English Friday challenge. I was busy with my report from hell, as I’ve dubbed it these past few posts. The final report about my internship experience was finally done and I’ve submitted it to campus.

Unfortunately, it means missing my chance to submit the fifth week challenge on time. But better late than sorry, so here we go!

What does BEC mean to me?


The thing is, we have major problem with English language, which is obviously given since we’re not raised and cultured with that language. But with globalization, trend these days and all, learning English become a must. But we struggle so hard in learning, in reading all the TOEFL tips and grammatical laws that our eyes become crossed and we eventually give up.

It’s not our fault. It really isn’t. But we can’t help but feel oppressed and distressed by our inability to go English.

I’d rather blame it to our education system and to our culture in exulting the western culture, but it’s not really my place to complain.

My only tip in learning another language is by write in them. When you want to best study English, you gotta write in that language.


The pinnacle of understanding a language is in practicing it. By speaking, cursing, thinking and most of all is writing in that language.

When you have the guts to write in a certain language, it forces you to think and analyze what you’re going to write with that language. You implemented your study of grammar, context propriety and all the jazz into a single grueling essay.

And it’s an extremely fun thing to do in writing in English.

I personally find that language to be the most expressive and enjoyable to read and to write. It’s a thing that happened when you read too much foreign books and too little Indonesian novel. At some point you’ll realize how lacking our mother tongue is compared to English, the nuance and thesaurus are just not enough to express our elation.

See how that goes? Elation means excitement, I could also use the word jubilation, delight, thrill and a lot more synonym to make my writing more dynamic. Point is, writing in English is Amazing. My diaries could be major evidence in how much I write in English.


For me, BEC stands as a medium where people can start learning English in the most effective way ever. And it really made me enthusiast when I see there are so many fellow enthusiast who’s also working their way in writing in English.

There’s nothing more fun than seeing how people grow to be better in writing in a language that I really love. The more people submit, the more they write and express in English, the more closer they are in understanding and using the language.

It’s an exciting and fun way to learn.

Which is why I bow down to the great admins of BEC and offer them my thanks in working hard for this project.

I salute you and you guys are amazing. No, we are amazing, everybody who’s working their blog for this challenge is amazing.

So thumbs up for us, and let the words flow out.


[EF]#4 – I want you

Groovy english friday challenge this week is quite amazing. I had to think quite hard to come up with something original and had to even check their wikia for some inspiration. Until then it hit me.

What do I want from Doraemon? Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t?

I want Doraemon!

The thing is, Doraemon is not a tool. He’s not a fairy god mother who come and swoop the day with his magic pouch. He’s not there to coddle Nobita and submit to his every whim and demand. But wait that’s exactly what he did..

At first, that is exactly what Doraemon to Nobita. And it always sort of bugged me with how weak, silly and cry baby Nobita was. Real life is hard, and having somebody to hold your half-empty glass doesn’t make your journey into adulthood any easier.

Dude, Nobita, wake up.

And he did wake up. A goodbye marks for the hard truth. Loosing your safety net is hard, but loosing a friend you can depend to? It’s a lot harder.

From a magical pouch who have everything, Doraemon grew into something that goes beyond a tool. He’s a friend, a companion, a crazy tanuki (oops, I mean CAT!!) robot that shows Nobita the world.

At some point in our life, we need a trigger that set the motion.

A good friend, a reality check, an honest opinion, a helpful hand that’s going to be there for you. That’s what I want. Somebody who will stand by with me.

EF#3 – alien in the crowd

Aloha third week of groovy English Friday challenge! I really love the community even if I’m mostly a silent reader in the WA group. Please forgive my inactivity since this past week I’m literary swamped with preparation of oral exam for my KKL. Thank god it’s over, and now I’m in the midst of post-exam report revision which turns out to be another level of hell…

Yet I’m still pumped up for EF’s challenge and here goes my take for this weeks’s theme: How gadget change my life

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A Cafe Moment

Beberapa hari terakhir ini, Jogja diguyur hujan. Dalam keadaan cuaca yang seperti ini, ibu memintaku untuk mengantarnya ke sebuah acara di Wirosaban.

Waktu itu aku sedang merasa stress, laporan magangku terus-menerus kena revisi dosen. Revisi yang dosen mintapun adalah hal-hal sepele seperti salah titik, lupa koma, di(spasi)tempat, dan kurang penjelasan pada bab-bab tertentu. Yang membuatku lebih down lagi adalah, untuk laporan setebal 80 halaman, revisi di halaman 30-an akan mengharuskanku mencetak ulang sisa 50 halaman dibelakangnya. It’s frustarating and very costly..

Maka, tanpa pikir panjang aku merasa bahwa aku butuh ketenangan dan jauh dari komputer. Iseng aku juga sengaja membawa kamera dan berharap siapa tahu bisa memotret hujan atau mendatangi tempat yang unik. Setelah mengantar ibu ke rumah temannya, aku memutuskan untuk melihat-lihat daerah Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta.

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[EF]#2 – Dreaming Alaska

Hello second week of English Friday Blogging challenge!

This week’s theme is wildest dream, and here goes mine.

Growing up, me and father used to write list on things we wanted. It varies from the kind of dream house, places we want to visit, future plans, animals we can adopt and all those random stuff.

I remember we made a list of what we’ll do if we have a farm and we filled the list with things like buy horses, have big farm house, build a pond, make a greenhouse, buy more horses and ponies, plant apple tree and make our own apple pie.

The older I grow, the lesser the list I made. At some point I guess I realized they are crazy childish dream and it felt very silly making it. Eventually I stop making the list and faced the things I can actually achieve, like ensuring I finish school on time and other more realistic goals.

But among the list I and crazy stuff I wrote, I still remember one that stood tall until now.

I want to go to Alaska.

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[EF] 001 Productive

This blog has been quieter than a grave on Monday morning. I decide that I need a new booster and self-motivation to write more, but when laziness struck, it clings and won’t go anywhere..

Exactly this morning, I read a post made by my cousin about how she will Move and become a better person for the year. It struck me with amazement because as far as I know, she’s an amazing person :)

Upon further reading, I followed one of the link she gave and it turns out there’s an interesting challenge circulating around. Mas Dani from Blog English Club has initiated a challenge to blog in English and post ’em on every Friday. It seems like an opportunity I shouldn’t miss, so here goes my story.

. 001 one word to describe 2015

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