Looking Glass Wars

About reading behind the thin red lines and exchange of sorts


….I’ve been around ffnet for a while, now. And I have “regular” reviewers that have been following me since I first started. But no one understood my style in one reading, with ONE story, like you did.

The best thing after reading and dropping a review in FFnet is to receive a heartfelt reply from the author her/his self. The sequence always started with jumpiness and a tint of nervousness on what the author will reply, but once you read it, you won’t be able to stop for th nth time.

I like reading, and reviewing random story that I found worth reading. And writings where everything is hanging just an inch above the ground where nothing (and everything) is solved are my favourite. I guess I can easily blamed the Japanese authors I’ve been digging. There are always these subtle things that aren’t written, but I think I get it and it just adds all the joys in reading.


Reading is about discovering, and I feel so great and happy when I think I just realized the hidden meanings and unwritten things.

Japanese novel have this subtle quality of being impenetrable, yet the story and lingering thoughts left a quite vivid details of the painful what ifs that was never written. This style made me ‘literary’ crazy and I could never shake the feel that shroud my back post-reading. I will always remember Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Woods and Yasunari Kawabata’s Beauty and Sadness as two works that probably have dented my mind. What are true loves, but the one who transcend matters of death and obsession?

you are what you read

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