It’s a Tough Life, Yet…

Tane Hadiyantono (@tanehadiyantono)
05/09/2012 21:18
I’m hungry, I’m stressed and I’m eating ice cream while watching Law and Order. I’m awesome… #menghiburhati

Third semester came in slow and ruthless, and it’s not even a month. It almost felt like walking under the scorching sun with next to no rest and provision. Everything doesn’t seem so lively and cheerful anymore.

I had a conversation with a friend, we talked about how eager we were during our first semester, how we always came to our class early, being super excited with paper task and the likes. But eventually it fades and we’re faced by a reality of how hard it is to manage our time, energy and our mind. And we’re not even in the professional realm, yet. We agreed that it’s going to be hard to maintain our cool from now on.

    He tap his nails absentmindedly on the table, I thought it was funny to see him this agitated about life. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I’m quite pleased to see this side of him

If college attendance is a graph, then during the first semester was like a happy go lucky trip up hill, which was followed with a heavy and rough tumbling by the end of the second semester.

I briefly wondered if there’s anything I could do about it. But it seems that while I ponder on the what if’s, the lecturer keeps on pushing books to read, paper to write and reports to be made. It’s hard to listen to yourself while a chunk of your brain was already fried well-done by a 326 page book about culture, media and society.
As I keep on complaining, the clock has struck 10 times and I realised that I have waste my time. I could’ve read some pages, write the paper due on Friday or even catch up with my sleep deprived body. Oh well,

life is what you get when you’re not making any other plan..

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