Looking Glass Wars 002 – Althusserianism

across the borders and beyond with Althusserianism  

So.. I took the advance theories of communication class (though it’s more like theories-of-human-society-and-why­-they-really-love-to-contradict-each-other) and I crossed upon this sentence from a Marxist scholar by the name Louis Althusser,

a text is structured as much by what is absent (what is not said) as by what is present (what is said)

and I went like, wooohooo!

Althusser have perfectly explained another wonder of reading, why reader must be as perceptive and eagle eye as ever because there are a lot more to come from the things hidden in plain sight.

Another quote from John Storey about Althusser’s work,

Althusser argues that if we are to fully understand the meaning of a text, we have to be aware of not only what is in a text but also the assumptions which inform it (and which may not appear in the text itself in any straightforward way but exist only in the text’s problematic).

Even if Althusser’s work mainly focuses on ideology and how it revolves around human practice in life, this passage plainly explain why reading behind lines, presuming and drawing the what-ifs line in a literature work is a must must must.

Oh god, I had a long discussion with an acquaintance from FFnet and we both agreed that leaving all those lovely details to let the reader to find out by their self is a treat for us.

Heavy details are not our thing, we love how the tension arises yet by the end of the story nothing is resolved, everything is just a frustrating inch above the ground. Never to land and to resolved the conflict directly, without the reader’s own assumption.

Why write all the details of a journey when the main objective was to share the experience, the emotion? It’s something intangible and I found myself hard to explain…






Buka mata, hati, telinga. Sesungguhnya masih ada yang lebih penting, dari sekadar kata cinta. 

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