To All those Heart Warmers

To All those Heart Warmers

 Tanggal 24 Februari 2012, sebuah paket TIKI mendarat di rumahku dan kemudian duduk manis di meja kamarku sebelum dibuka pada malam harinya. The things that crossed my mind,

ASDGHFJHGJHJKKL, what is this THING!!! *scream squeal, melanjutan membuka*

Hmm… lapis plastik, amplop coklat, kertas kado, 5 lapis koran, kotak karton, dan 2 lapis koran lagi. Getton was being extremely careful, or I just don’t know the proper way to pack and send via post mail.

…..Getanpyoo, you are amazing….

Five Years Ago and Now. Your Letter

What I want to say is, it’s the attention to details and you’re concern to send something for me that held me speechless.

Dan satu hal lagi yang terpikirkan olehku, Gecchan persis seperti paket TIKI yang mendarat di rumahku. Dilapisi plastik, amplop berlabel nama Gecchan, dilanjutkan dengan 5 lapis koran, kotak karton dan dua lapis koran lagi. But deep down inside those wrappings is something beautiful, speechless rendered, worth reminding, and totally you.

Sometimes we feel as if there’s an invisible barrier between us, the people around and the world itself. Sometimes we put on layers of persona in front of us, until we forget what’s really inside. But if somebody had the bravery, stubbornness (and craziness, the sock balcony incident!!!) to stick around and learn about you, it will lead to an amazing adventure.

You don’t need to have faith in yourself, nor the ‘you’ I have faith in, but the ‘you’ who have faith in yourself..!



Serasa berumur 13 tahun lagi. Gila, ketawa-ketiwi tanpa beban, lempar ‘barang’ sana-sini, dan berharap besok bisa sekolah untuk bertemu kembali kawan kawan yang sama gilanya.

Thank you and so many more thank you-s….

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