006 – 30 Days Challenge

Annotation(s) before the actual post,

.Multiple thanks to Liliana Anyakova who reminded me of this 30 Days Challenge project via email.

.There will be some changes I’m going to make to post prior this baby over here.

.Calling to gettanpyororo and fauziabeib for their SUPPOSED 30 days challenge posts!!

.I’m playing dumb and honest on answering this question. My Superhero definition are those American-ized super powered extra adrenaline people who served the public for their heart’s content, albeit the slightly vengeful or emo attitue. Yayness for me!

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

So here’s Raven from Teen Titan. The one and only ‘Yeaaa rite..’ kind of girl in the whole bunch of super teen hero in the series. How, why and do I still love her? Let’s get it served on the silver platter.

‘Think of happy thoughts Raven!’

‘You, silence…’ 

A simple conversation between Raven and Starfire during that episode when their body switched. While Starfire fly and summon her power through happy thoughts and the likes, Raven calls her’s through depressing thoughts that put her so…ravenous.

I instantly like her the moment my eyes set upon her. Cold, calculating, with face as pale as death and power from the depth of darkness. How could a superhero be so contradicting, another yet, a teen titan super hero?

Later on with the series, we learn of Raven’s dark and sad past with her father. And really, father-related issue is a big deal for me. In the end, she practically kicked her father’s ass with the help of Robin. Point one for utmost determination, facing her mortal fear and saving the world.

She’s one hell of a sarcastic girl to be sure. The witty comebacks and the dead ends she created that silenced BeastBoy is amusing to be watched. And for the longest time, I’ve had my respect on heroine who could growl their way out through words and silent ‘seriously…’ glare.

To add more spiced to the delicacy, her relationship with the other characters are refreshing. Beast Boy is certainly her canon counterpart, even if his personality is a total 180 from her’s. The best thing about her is her obliviousness towards each other’s feelings, and it’s amusing towards the bitter sweet end.

So that’s it about Raven


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