004 – 30 Days Challenge

This is actually the second vers of this post, the former was undeniably childish and stuck-up bratty.

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

.Postponing text, email, twitter, fb reply until god knows when. Sometimes there are legit answer, but other times I’m damn lazy and just not up to reply anything. I like it when somebody called me instead *shot*. But rest assured! I’ve fixed my email problem and it’s up to date for further exploitation.

.Going Panic at The Disco for every time somebody is late for a meeting. And later cursing him/her until the ends of earth, giving him/her a cold shoulder for the entire night but ends up feeling worst between the two.

.Checking the strands of my hair for any split ups.

.Cracking the knuckles of my fingers periodically.

.Insisting to watch horror movie when I would later sleep alone in full prayer mode.

.Grammar Nazi, weeeeeee!!




Dum di dum waaaa…..!

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