My Most Memorable Halloween

Halloween Tree in Frontierland

Halloween 1999,

Back then I was a cute 7 year old girl fresh from Indonesia in good ole' Glasgow. Coming from Indonesia where this ghostly tradition isn't that pronounced, I took my first Halloween in Glasgow with all my heart. There were certain events I would like to highlight.

One day, some few week before Halloween, my homeroom teacher decided to assign a writing project for each of her every student in her grade 3 class, in which I was enrolled at. The theme was Halloween. It was a troublesome theme for me, as I have no knowledge, experience about Halloween prior. But the assignment must be made. I asked my mother to help me with the story, and we end up with a story about a girl attending her first Halloween party ever. It hit home a bit to near.

I named the girl in the story, 'Layla'. And point was, she was in distress over what to wear on her first Halloween party. She asked her family for advice, but none of them gives great, inspiring answer. She felt trully miserable, until her mother suggest to 'flowered' her up. Together with her mother, they made the most unique costume ever, the flower dress. Which they both like (obviously, it's my story after all), and Layla wore with so much pride on her first Halloween party.

Guest what, the story won the FIRST MONTHLY WRITING RECOGNITION in my school ever!! I was the first, proud, October writer. It turns out that my home room teacher liked my story so much, she sent it to the headmaster who decided to make those great writers of the months in my school. And all because of my Halloween story..



The second story, my first Halloween party ever.

What to wear, seriously? Because back then money was tight, and it would be ugly for me to ask my parent to buy those skeleton costume me and my brother have been ogling for the past week before the said party.

Big bro ended up going to the party using his everyday clothes, which was normal for the 6th grader. But for me, the cute, nosy, know and want it all girl just need to have a costume!

So what to wear, seriously?

Mum suggest me using the traditional Bali dress I bought back from Indonesia. A pretty, itchy, pink Bali Kebaya. And I did wore that dress, ran straight to the party and try my best to enjoy the party. A friend from the same class noted how cute and unique ('weird' verbatim, but seriously, let's not destroy the mood here) my costume was. And another wants to try the dress, swap costumes etc. And another even had the gall to asked me if it's a Chinese dress!

It was a great party. Various scary looking candies everywhere which you can grab as much as you want. Weird looking costumes, silly looking teacher trying to look cool and hip. The eat the floating apple game. Sticky candies that set your jaw on lock. Truly the best party ever for a 7 year old girl, who's experiencing her first Halloween party ever.

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