Book/Movie Genres I Didn't Expect to Like

Love sick

The age-gap theme book with the woman as the older one.

I really like the mature sense of how one of the significant other reflects on their situation and started the horrendous self monologue whether is it really right, or not. And the character development of the younger one who's just so madly in love with the older one. Ah, and adding a sense of overprotecting and 'I just want to be with her, dammit!' from the young one. It's just so-so-so sad, especially if they decided to break up and caused me to burst into tears even Paris Hilton couldn't matched..

The amnesiac kind of plot, with the male as the one who forgot..

It's another bittersweet love story theme!! Really, as the woman was hit by realization that the man she once loved has forgot her, she tries her everything to be there and just support the poor sodden. But the poor wrench couldn't remember and end up hurting both of them with lines such as,

'the one you kissed, is it me or the me you remember!' and,

'I wanted to remember, the me you love so much..'


The so-sick-of-love-song kind of story plot. But love shall eventually find the way through trials of tribulation.

A very awful love track records on both parties, that either one or both of them decided to be a workaholic and deemed love are for the weak.

'We keep on licking each others wounds, but they never seemed getting better.'

Really, I'm turning into one sodden wet cardboard sappy romance lover.

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