The Shining Dark

“We travel through space, terraform planets, live on space stations, but what is still our go-to method for preventing hypothermia?”

“Cuddle naked under a blanket?”


That got me laughing and tumbling upon my seat over and over again.

For those with hard guts and mind sparkled with curiosity, Bleach fanction, The Shining Dark, ooooh Shiny.

A touch of Bleach spiced with inter galactic stellar chase, war and rebellious potty politic. I’m so extremely grateful for my experience on series like Battle Star Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien vs Predator, Stargate, Gundam Series, Macross series and almost every stellar sci-fi movie, tv program and anime I’ve ever watched. Hands down to the author.

I  shall drink for you..

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