Alien vs Cat

Alien VS. Cat


The defining moments of impression when you meet someone new are usually based on appearance, topics of discussion, friends with whom(s) and the way you carried your own air.

So in that exact moment when I met this gal, who deemed me alike her CAT back home are exactly what I did not expect from a first time meeting impression kind of comment. What did I do? Chewed your favourite rug and purred on your leg?

Tch, I shall call you a socially challenged gal but it will be against my nature to alienated one from the other just for the sake of my guttural nature. Not saying that I enjoyed eating live beating birds for breakfast and squeaking mouse for lunch while toying both poor animals with my clawed paws though…

It started with a conversation, mine in bold,

‘Oh you’re Cow’s friend’

WTF, cow??

‘yeah, that’s the name I give to your friend over there’ (points at the girl besides me)

‘mm.. rite. What are you doing here?’

‘Tch, why do you need to know anyway. It’s so not your business anyway. We lived in a different world. You would never ever understand me.’

(Crickets chirping, and my slightly dropped glasses as per result of a silent ‘say whaaaaaaaa?’ then and I started to ignore her.)

‘Gee, you’re just like my cat back home. Just when it was interested in one thing, it got bored then it minded its own business. From here on, you’re Cat.’

‘uh huh..’ (Since this was our first meeting, I assumed she did this to every living person initiating a conversation with her.)

‘And you’re friend over there; she’s just so white and drinks nothing but milk that I couldn’t help but to call her Cow.’

(Here, my friend whined and tried to retaliate the name but was brushed by the gal.)

‘And that other friend of yours, she’s definitely a monkey since she lacks the mannerism fit for proper human bein-’

‘Ah, so you must be an alien then. You observe us earthly beings from your UFO and couldn’t help but admire our animalistic-herbivorous-crowding-behaviour when you’re just so LONELY up there with your pretty as-can-be UFO and triplet antlers sprouting from your head.’

That line(s) got her. She was silent for a moment before tousling my hair and patted my head and yelling stuff like ‘I LIKE THIS GIRL!!’

Say whaaaaaa?!

Whoaa!! That was supposed to teeter her way back to her shiny UFO! Yet she bravely patted my head as if I’m a pretty as can be cat and saying incoherent quotation from a ripped off site!

Dear Lord, please excuse this ditzy alien in front of my near rupture claw before I slashed her Wolverine style. Yihaa.

Hmm… Later when the time for her class has come to her concern, she went up and packed her stuff and left without a single word whatsoever. That.Was.Something.

Ditzy Alien has left the premise, leaving a confounded Cat behind. Cat FTW…!


4 thoughts on “Alien vs Cat

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