Alternate Title: I Like You, But I Don’t Want To Be With You


Do you know that line from the ‘No String Attached’ movie? The “Why can’t we just have sex!!” line? I guess that’s exactly what I felt right now. Minus the sexually deprived part that is. Point is, why can’t we just have fun without committing each other?

Girls just wanna have fun. Well, at least I just want to have as much fun as possible. Meeting new people, socializing with them, laughing our head off, become good buddies, and that’s it. No romantic resolution involved, period. Because really, the matters of heart is a bit too fragile and annoying to take into our own accounts.

Bu then, a guy pops up. He’s fun; he’s cool, damn suave and funny. And I wish I could just share jokes with him, punch his sides, ride with his motorcycle or car, hang out with our friends and that’s it. Please oh please, don’t fall in love with me. Because I always believe that the ‘dating’ concept is totally overrated. It spends too much money, it eats too many hearts, and it hurts more feelings than the war could ever possibly conduct, and it’s just so annoying with the tell tale sniggers and the funny looks from people around you.

I’m extremely happy being single, thank you.

But noo.. The sun doesn’t revolve around the earth just because Galileo said it does, it needed another hundred years and a major public speech from the church to prove that the old man is actually right from the beginning. Poor pops. But that boy, sono otoka da, just need to text me asking stupid question whether I’ve had my breakfast, can he come to my house, when can he return my books that’s in his place, telling me that he’s feeling rather off and missing me for no whatsoever clear reason. When really, I went for a complete ‘ASDGHAJSG, WTF is he talking about’ mode. Boy oh boy, I need a bar of Cadbury chocolate and asparagus soup to calm this ticking nerve ready to pop out from my temples.

‘Texts to my silent mode cell phone, please, thank you. And I shall pretend that the cell is long dead and won’t peak at the glossy LCD.’


Love, is probably the worst thing that could happened to a labile girl like me. Who deemed friendship over boyfriend and would rather spend money to buy trinkets for a reunion with my long lost bestbestbestbestfriend than buying something for an anon over a cheapskate chances of possible love. Ouch, sentences over sentence. That could give my grammar teacher a heart attack, and I won’t feel sorry even for a single tiny little bit.

I’m babbling and I hope that tiny glimmer from my cell is NOT another text from him. Crosses thy finger and pray for me lads.


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