[EF]#2 – Dreaming Alaska

Hello second week of English Friday Blogging challenge!

This week’s theme is wildest dream, and here goes mine.

Growing up, me and father used to write list on things we wanted. It varies from the kind of dream house, places we want to visit, future plans, animals we can adopt and all those random stuff.

I remember we made a list of what we’ll do if we have a farm and we filled the list with things like buy horses, have big farm house, build a pond, make a greenhouse, buy more horses and ponies, plant apple tree and make our own apple pie.

The older I grow, the lesser the list I made. At some point I guess I realized they are crazy childish dream and it felt very silly making it. Eventually I stop making the list and faced the things I can actually achieve, like ensuring I finish school on time and other more realistic goals.

But among the list I and crazy stuff I wrote, I still remember one that stood tall until now.

I want to go to Alaska.

It’s a crazy dream and it’s all because I used to really love that Balto cartoon movie. It’s basically about a half wolf-half dog name Balto who delivered vaccine for the sick children by braving snow storm and crazy Alaskan terrain. It was a touching movie with amazing animation and cute sled dogs, and I was obsessed with the movie.

Alaska (and having a dog) easily became one of the dreams that made to my list.

I certainly don’t know what I’m going to do there, I’m certainly going to take lots of picture and try dog sledding just like in Balto movie. Yet the thing is, aside from my obvious cold allergy and sinusitis, Alaska is thousand miles away and the more I think about it, the further it became.

It’s a bit sad, and it maybe is a hopeless dream.

But that is exactly why it became the dream.

At some point of my life, I was a girl who wrote all the dreams and crazy stuff I want in a crazy list. As I grow up, I became more of a realist and start setting my goals and discarded the impossible dream. What I want became goals I need to achieve and my dreams were muted and reduced to memories of childhood wishes.

I guess I need those childhood wishes back. By dreaming big, pushing myself closer to that wish and grabbing every opportunity to seize it. I need the drive to fulfill that dream.

Writing this post reminded me that life is not about dreaming. But it’s the struggle you made to achieve that dream.

24 thoughts on “[EF]#2 – Dreaming Alaska

  1. I want to visit Alaska too and eat a Chinese restaurant (because they contradict each other, lol) It would be one of the highlights of my life. Post some pictures upon returning!

  2. Coz of you I wanna know Alasaka. Is it also a place where we will visit someday? We don’t know but I keep telling my son about ‘someday’ we wil …. And it’s like a confirmation, a prayer, a step to reach what we think the unreachable … And maybe … we will meet here ‘someday’ when it snows (this is my son’s dream) 🙂 Great blog, Tane!

    1. Yes! Now that you mention it, I think it’s also important to pray when we’re trying.
      Meeting under the snow sounds like a very romantic dream! Your son has great taste..
      thank youu!!

  3. Hallo Tane, salam kenal yaa. This is an early post of BEC that i didn’t get the chance to participate. Hehe! Nice post! Hope you’ll get to see the real Balto once you’re in Alaska. Nothing is impossible, gurl 😉

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