[EF] 001 Productive

This blog has been quieter than a grave on Monday morning. I decide that I need a new booster and self-motivation to write more, but when laziness struck, it clings and won’t go anywhere..

Exactly this morning, I read a post made by my cousin about how she will Move and become a better person for the year. It struck me with amazement because as far as I know, she’s an amazing person 🙂

Upon further reading, I followed one of the link she gave and it turns out there’s an interesting challenge circulating around. Mas Dani from Blog English Club has initiated a challenge to blog in English and post ’em on every Friday. It seems like an opportunity I shouldn’t miss, so here goes my story.

. 001 one word to describe 2015

My one word to describe 2015 will be something I aspire to be, something I want to do and show the world how:

1. Amazing I am (and probably self delusional)
2. Cool I am (another delusion of grandeur)
3. Creative I am (aside from reading books in various odd and creative position)
4. Not so negative I am (…errp)

So, my one word for 2015 is productive.

Several time I found my self not as what I imagine I am. There are things I imagine I will do but ends up not doing it for various reason (laziness and procrastinating mostly). There are places I want to visit but decide not to for silly reasons. Projects I want to start but finished even without writing a proper draft plan.

I want to do so much more, be more active, a bit more crazier and honest to my self. By being honest to what I want, I hope I will do more things and follow exactly what I want, instead of being pressured and ran away from the goal.

The other day I watch Ellen Degeneres show and one of the invited celebrity was Chris Pratt or also known as Peter -Star Lord- Quill. Ellen started the interview by asking Chris’ latest achievement and how he manages to juggle his apparent stardom.

Ellen and Chris talking about his amazing son, and the pot of flower ‘fcourse

At some point, Chris explained that he’s the type of person who just do it.

“I want to do so many stuff, so one day when I’m old, I can tell to my 120 year-old self that I do a lot of things. Including, looking at that pot of beautiful flower, lift it up, and smell it.”

At this point, Chris actually lift the flower pot and smell it!

“God, it smells wonderful!”

Oh wow..!

There’s a tint of randomness, a bit of craziness and a whole lot of honesty in what he did. As I watch the interview, I told my self that is exactly what I want to be. I want to do stuff I can tell my 120 year-old self, about how crazy and fun things I did just because I can.

Just by writing it down has made me a lot cheerful and brimming with possibilities I can do. Among them are my wish to continue my German course, practicing my watercolor skill again, and maybe even start planning for my crazy dream to visit Cambodia (or Thailand, Vietnam or anywhere in South East Asia except Singapore and Malaysia).

Oh all the possibilities I can do. It all start with an attitude, a whole bunch of motivation and the will and drive to do it.

To do so many things, I guess that’s the essence of living like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

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