Double Standard and Childish Thoughts

“A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or to different people in the same situation.”

There are times when one hopes from another. Like those moments when you worked together and expect your partners to be as avid as you were, or getting together at the designed and promises time, etc.
But it also happens that the world doesn’t revolve around you, surprise surprise. So group study turned into a gossip bench and the wusses started to throw random comments on random people. Meeting at 10 sharp was extended into an uncountable-unexpectable time. You feel like stomping the ground, throw your bloody cell phone, bang the lecturer door for random reason and bawl to your closest friend.

Your cool face was threading the thin red line and all you see is red.

Then you snapped from your inner monologue on 101 ways to gut your wuss-y friend and literary snapped.

And the best part of all was that they didn’t even realize that you’re angry at them. Which is fine for me, I’m the neutral girl in the group anyway.

So yes, real life sucks. The things you set for yourself just happened to bounce back and slammed you shamefully when you apply it to others.

It hurts. God it hurts so much when you rushed from you home to the appointed meeting just to get there in time and having nobody there. Sometimes later they traipse happily from the other side of the building and cheerfully state that they just had lunch.

It’s just so unfair…
People have problem with their hair, it’s not straight enough, it’s not the right colour, not the right length, not the right shade yadda yaddaa.

People have problem with their stamina, awww I’m just so tired, I can’t do it now because I’m tired. I’ve been taking classes from 10 till 16 and I’m sooo tired.

People have problem with being in time, it’s 10 SHARP. For god sake YOU ASKED FOR 10 SHARP!

People have problems with their ears, for the hundredth time, that essay is DUE ON NEXT WEEK.

People have problem with people who expects a lot from others. Especially from people who doesn’t make senses to others.

I’m signing out and shutting up.

4 thoughts on “Double Standard and Childish Thoughts

  1. What I hate about groupwork is that the people are basically made of different kind of substances and sometimes some of them don’t take the work seriously. If that happens again just make an agreement for the appointed time. If they invited you at 10 am sharp and fail to get there on time just leave them alone. We have no use of people who don’t value the time!

    (ps. I understand your disappointment but then again it proves that you’re better than the rest of them! 8D)

    1. Exactly what I’ve been doing..! Lately whenever I was in a groupwork and we agreed meeting on 10 sharp and none of them have come, I’ll just do it my own and kinda ditch the rest to them when they’ve arrived.. I felt so horrible and great at the same time. *sigh* again with the double standard.
      It’s a bit hard to expect people to act like yourself, hmm..

      Rest assured bb, you’re a wonderful person as always. I wish I can hug you moaarrr D:

      1. It happens every time, especially in our Indonesia hahaha :’D sadly. Once I went to a meeting at 9 am and the rest popped out at 12 pm like nothing happened. fuck

        I bet if it’s presentation assignment I’m sure the other can only jaw dropping in front of the class because they don’t understand anything and you have to answer all the questions by yourself hahaha. Well also if it continues like that (you doing the work by yourself and ditch them when they’re late) I think they’ll feel embarrassed and aware of their job (hopefully).

        Aww >w< oh you~ you know if you have a problem you can always talk to me ❤

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