Please Don’t.

Haywire review from my haywire-ed brain.

First episode looked promising. A no-good-useless-ur-everyday-uke boy trying to escape his everyday boring celebrity obsessed day only to find the actual celebrity in his secret hide out, badly injured and in dire need of help. Turns out she’s a terrorist! And accidentally injected a virus/genome that made the boy able to ‘draw’ people’s heart and use it as a weapon to fight the evil yadda yadda yadda government yadda…
First episode key point, cool battle scene, dandere heroine in scantly clothes, cool figure of the terrorist leader.

Second Episode, extended battle scene from the first ep, dum dum bow! Main character realized that he’s plunged into a WTFBBQ rebellion and couldn’t help but to be swayed in by the cute heroine he saved earlier. Next day heroine pops up in his school.
Key point, Evil Guy-Pilot from the other side, cool-wicked battle scene, computer analyze but-bump, terrorist leader.

and so on la la la la laaa~~~

Thing is, the story looks, taste, smells a bit too close to Code Geass for everybody’s taste (see TheAkiba) that people starts ditching it, especially after the death of the terrorist leader (OMGWTFBBQ)

One of the supposed anime I regret watching….

Sorry dear G.

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