Juliet’s Genius Plan and Romeo’s Dorkness

Juliet’s Genius Plan and Romeo’s Dorkness

A side post towards my endless gaga-ed reaction toward Norwegian Wood, we’ll get there once I’m ready..

I’m not exactly a fan of Shakespeare (though I enjoy The Tempest, Hamlet and Twelfth Night immensely) and the upcoming ‘Anonymous’ movie has nothing to do with my bashing towards the so called most epic love story ever (read: Romeo & Juliet), huzah.

For me it’s somewhat settled in the recess of my mind that Juliet is a genius and Romeo is an idiotic dork.

Dear Lady Capulet, in her desperation cooked up a plan so great that it fooled not families, the entire kingdom and their peasant, but her intended lover. She faked a death in order to be able to rejoice with her beloved. Seriously, what kind of a genius mastermind could make such plan?

It was only her old nanny’s fault who failed to send the message in time about the Lady’s supposed momentary death to Monsieur Montague. Too bad the said man already drove his horse beast in a sad spur of melancholy toll, which eventually commits suicide in moments of pure anguish (and stupidity).

Juliet in her horror upon wakening found her beloved dear Romeo already dead with a lone blade pierced in his already torn heart. Decidedly, she took her life in moments of desperation to meet her lover in the embrace of death.

That’s really what everybody knows from the books, plays, movies and song lyrics out there, but give me an ample moment to dissect the story and I realize how sad the story is, in a saaad way. Get it?

The thing is, I could never understand why Romeo eventually decided to take his own life away. Surely there’s still a lot of fish out there, and Juliet isn’t the only sweet red haired girl in the 14th century of Verona. Love make you strong, and instead of suicide, isn’t continuing life with hearts filled of memories of the (supposed) deceased lover should be enough testament of love? I don’t think I’d kill myself if I found my lover died in a tragic accident. I don’t remember the widows from war took their life away just because they can. The nurse (main female character) from Pearl Harbour, John Basilone’s wife from The Pacific and OMGBBQ, Rose from Titanic?!

It’s a disgrace towards the memory of your beloved, no? To end the life, even if it was supposed to be shared with sweet nothingness, just because your ‘other one’ is no longer?

Okay so sure Romeo was heavily wounded from his attempt to see her dead body, but in the end the choice to take his life was 100% in his hand, he could’ve fight his way and try to live on. He could AT LEAST try to stay alive and give us the though act of a man who just lost his love, instead he succumbed in his own egoistic needs and end his sordid life altogether.

That’s why I believe Romeo is an idiot. An egoistic idiot who couldn’t wait for another minute, or couldn’t think twice –cuz it’s alright- and continue to live on his life.

Coming to Juliet, she practically self-exiled herself from the family by turning her back to the Capulet, refusing to marry her legal fiancé, faking her death in the high hopes to be together with Romeo. Imagine Juliet’s horror upon finding her plan flawed, smashed, burned into ashes by none other than her Romeo. No wonder she took her life with all the depression suddenly settling in.

Poor Juliet.

Point is, death is not an option, it’s gained because your time is up and you need to die because you’re supposed to die. Not because you force death upon you because of mismatched feelings and depression.

Second point, love is about accepting and moving on. If only Romeo continue with his life, he’ll truly become the epitome of a devoted lover. He would get to be with Juliet or if he continued with his ignorance (which isn’t really his fault) he’ll still become this young chap with a heavy heart of a once promising love journey.

Side note, I’m rather aware that character-quote from a movie is a bit lame. Don’t kill me just yet.


Edited at jan 12, kudos to Liliana Anyakova who pointed a horrible mistake.

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