For Swap

Following my boredom on waiting for Postcrossing’s official postcard, I decided to join the Postcrossing FB group. This is where people interested in Direct Swap could post, promote and exchange information on card they would like to swap.

It’s a lot more efficient than begging for other Postcrossing user via Private Message. The people in that group are very nice and soft spoken, though there are a certain aggressive one who demands a lot..

So here goes my current options 😀

available for swap
available for swap

From Top Left – Right

1. Postcard from Balcony restaurant. Features a delicious looking smoked salmon

2. Postcard from Singapore, featuring night view of the bay

3. Indonesia postcard, featuring a lady making a traditional umbrella

4. Postcard from Singapore, Chinatown at midday

5. Marilyn Monroe and her amazing thigh

6. Old guiness advertisement


manga style postcard
manga style postcard

Got this series from a Manga Festival in my town. 5 of them are drawn by the same person. A cute girl who study economy in UGM. The first time I met her, we went into a series of awkward giggle. I think I bought too much and she felt kinda bad with the price she charges 😀

You could contact her at her private mail in:

She still have a mighty design in her sketch book.


Up for options, cross linked to Postcrossing FB group


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