Day of the Beginning

Anyways, I wanted to escape from a town like this
So while it was still dark, we took off on a road empty of people

Where should I go so I’ll continue into the future…?
I didn’t know, so I simply ran together with you
We planned to throw away our cellphones and install freedom in ourselves
You searched around your pocket for a moment and laughed, “I feel nervous…”

When the first train passed us, the morning sun reflected off its windows
Like light from a flash-light, it projected us

“Hey, where will we go?” “We’ll go anywhere!” We clasped our hands together
I was here, you were here, on the day of beginnings

I don’t want to hear someone’s honor student-ish words
To me, they’re not realistic, and I’d come to a halt
Can you hear me? Yet the voice I made with all my might
Always withered away, and I’m heading toward you

Before the ghost of summer started to run wild, I had all the hope I could have
Like light from a flash-light, it illuminated the future

“Hey, what do you want to do?” “I want to do everything!” Our shirts were dyed by the morning glow
That was my thought, that was your wish, on the day of beginnings


Hajimari no Hi – ‘Day of the Beginnings’

Shuga Shikao