A Study In Twitter

Tane Hadiyantono (@tanehadiyantono)
The level of twitards are rising in exponential sequence #nerdtalk
Apparently there are some types of people who’s hands down charming in the real world yet a total b!tch in the Twitter realm. I especially hate those who cuss with pirate mouth and gives the one finger salute in every.single.twit.
There were moments when I felt like punching the unfollow button, but I can’t deny the twit that person made (albeit dirty as hell back and forth) are a bit amusing. This way it almost feel as if there’s somebody out there waaaay worst than I am.
ooops.. such an anticlimax post.

a doll with a broken heart

Enough of this. I shall scream to my self. It’s not like your measly little life actually matters or not. Its rather revolting for you to instead succumb your self in wails of lament and half assed regret through a blog, for god sake.

Nah uh..

Its kinda fun to speak to yourself. With all due respect. Another sign of schizophrenia symptoms.

You watch to much House M.D…

And I’m s psychopath too. Yeah, thanks for the warning..

You’re desperate. Simple as that.

For love? you nailed that right boss. I could wail my self to death for it.

Alas.. The sarcasm, noted but unappreciated. I was going to say desperate for…


Exactly…. Of course not you dimwitt!!


Umm… Welcome to my blog

*sweat drop* I guess …..