Mengetik Karma

Sebagai wartawan, mengetik ratusan kata ke lembaran digital dalam satu hari menjadi kegiatan yang normal. Tak pelak, rasanya jadi ingin sekali menjitak diriku di zaman kuliah yang kerap mengeluh-kesal pada tugas esai 1.000 kata dengan deadline seminggu.

Di media tempat saya bekerja, dalam sehari wartawannya ditargetkan untuk menulis lima berita untuk publikasi online. Bagi saya, rata-rata satu berita terdiri dari 4-8 paragraf. Untuk hari ini saja, saya sudah menulis tiga berita yang bila digabung akan menghasilkan angka 625 kata atau setara dua halaman margin normal di MS Word.

Proses menulis berita tidak berasal dari khayalan, namun dari data, fakta dan analisa yang saya lakukan ditambah penguat dari yang ahli. Artinya apa? Riset, riset, riset sampai mabuk sebelum menghubungi analis untuk membandingkan yang sudah saya temui dengan pendapat profesional mereka.

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Upsy Daisy

Ups and downs here and there~~~~~~

So tired, feeling so incredibly tired because everything seems like an upcoming car wreck. There’s this task, that assignment, the farewell party, the papers the cards, the diagram, the photos the the the theteheheheeee.

YES, accepted challenge must be finished. Assigned mission must be done and 360 pages of a book project must be edited. I’m wallowing in self misery and a make shift pond of tears.

Gooooood lord, I need a vicodin to stay alert House M.D style and a retractable cane to can the nearest useless person in a group. Here’s another rhyme I made during ma’ free time. Yes I have a soft spot for spontaneous poem, and here goes an attempt of some.

How to solve a problem

Without face seemingly too solemn

For life is a game of poker

Where we maintain the face of a sober




tut tut.

Means to and End, a note from your editor-in-chief

As the class president and chief-in-editor of the upcoming 2 Dunia Satu Kajian, Film Horor dan Roman Indonesia, it will be a total bull if I’m not the least annoyed.

This position is a major upgrade from my usual reviewer, beta reader and plot discussion acts in It has been a 6 year experience of lurking as an on-and-off reviewer and semi-beta-reader there. Wow.. That’s quite a long time if I think about it again.

So what does a chief-in-editor does? Quite vexing if I may admit. Lots of chasing, editing, searching for reference, cross checking the dates, names, terms and definition. It’s fun but it is taxing.. Especially if you’re working with human beings that doesn’t understand the definition of deadline.

Bah, and they dare call their self an academic scholar…


Some people have trouble with working around the deadlines, when it was really simple if you now how to. The trick is to keep in touch with your agenda and make sure everything is up to date and do-able.

We’re not trying to make a miracle, but simply making means to an end.

Deadlines are not scary, for me personally, it’s a mood and creativity booster. It also teach us to be responsible and to have a target and ends for every project. It’s not right to stretch a task into the infinite and beyond, it’s perhaps the single thing you will regret the most in the future.

Work your deadlines, chase away those laziness and make sure your references are up to date and available. That’s really what I want to yell at the papers I’m handling.



So much to do, so little time. Sacrifice your lunch and dinner and those moments you spend snogging with your pillows. Maybe I’m a work-a-holic, perhaps I’m a perfectionist, and I might as well a demanding control freak. But this is how I roll.

That Tiny Little Dot Just Over There

Ummaaa… I haven’t been the most social and engaging for the past months. It’s either swamping my sorry self for the OBG seminar, staying up overnight for the ridiculous advance theories of communication class, Quantitative Research Methods class, Media Ethics etc. Or chugging old and new fics from good ole faithful FFnet.

I finally realize that reading the hand book from our lecturer are for douchebag, but I just can’t stop trying to finish this stupid book on popular cultures and media. I did told you how my brain was completely fried after reading one chapter from this book, right? Then my media ethics lecturer throw us a fotocopy worth of Rp 10.000,00. I swear I can sleep on that book and have nightmare for the whole night.

But the thing that breaks my heart the most was, all of them are in English.

Don’t get me wrong, I love English and England and all those blue-white-red crosses. Oh god -scratch- that, I ADORE them. If there’s any place I want to be is to be back in London and probably working at British National Library with Ms. Gallop, working on some news paper or whatever.

The heart break was from the amount of high level, far fetched, vocabulary, wordings, sentence proportion and all the passive adjective that made my focus waver on the second line of a paragraph. These book are mean. A sentence could string into a whole paragraph that consist of 8 lines. How the hell am I supposed to figure what the author was trying to say?

Reading in snippets is out of the window, the books are just too complex and elaborate and gaaah!!damnit. I even ran out of words trying to explain this exploding feeling inside of me.

Perhaps, maybe I spent too much time reading non-real literature works. Meh, I can’t spent a day without checking FFnet, and my bookshelf are rather boring at the time.

I don’t have hearts to continue reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’

I don’t have enough patience to continue ‘Shantaram’

I don’t have enough guts and faith to continue reading ‘Let the Great World Spin’

I’ve finished the complete works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes a long time ago.

I can’t read ‘Norwegian Woods’ without risking my head to combust, again.

My ‘To Catch a Mocking Bird’ is still with a good friend of mine, hmm.. better check it’s stats.




How to reach that tiny little dot at the very end of a book without mentally harming your self? Its either I read too much or too seriously…

It’s a Tough Life, Yet…

Tane Hadiyantono (@tanehadiyantono)
05/09/2012 21:18
I’m hungry, I’m stressed and I’m eating ice cream while watching Law and Order. I’m awesome… #menghiburhati

Third semester came in slow and ruthless, and it’s not even a month. It almost felt like walking under the scorching sun with next to no rest and provision. Everything doesn’t seem so lively and cheerful anymore.

I had a conversation with a friend, we talked about how eager we were during our first semester, how we always came to our class early, being super excited with paper task and the likes. But eventually it fades and we’re faced by a reality of how hard it is to manage our time, energy and our mind. And we’re not even in the professional realm, yet. We agreed that it’s going to be hard to maintain our cool from now on.

    He tap his nails absentmindedly on the table, I thought it was funny to see him this agitated about life. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I’m quite pleased to see this side of him

If college attendance is a graph, then during the first semester was like a happy go lucky trip up hill, which was followed with a heavy and rough tumbling by the end of the second semester.

I briefly wondered if there’s anything I could do about it. But it seems that while I ponder on the what if’s, the lecturer keeps on pushing books to read, paper to write and reports to be made. It’s hard to listen to yourself while a chunk of your brain was already fried well-done by a 326 page book about culture, media and society.
As I keep on complaining, the clock has struck 10 times and I realised that I have waste my time. I could’ve read some pages, write the paper due on Friday or even catch up with my sleep deprived body. Oh well,

life is what you get when you’re not making any other plan..

Facts and Arguments

Facts and Arguments

The thing that sucked the most in a heated discussion is when our counterpart suddenly confessed that he’s not exactly familiar with the subject we’re debating on. It’s like walking in a thin layered ice and suddenly oops..! The ice collapsed and you’re left gasping and drowning and ever so angry, stupid and so cold.

Facts fuelled and legitimised an argument, while passion made the discussion ongoing and lively. It’s not a healthy discussion if our counterpart feels and talk as if he owns and knows the subject by the back of his hand, when he obviously doesn’t.

That’s why a group that consist of a somebody who knows the theory by heart lining up with somebody who failed two prior classes required in this subject, simply doesn’t work.

Genius have their limits, while idiot knows none. They can fly, swim, drunk as much as they want while their more intellectual partner gasp, drown and went gaga by herself.

To ditch or not to ditch this sordid excuse of a partner? That is the question….

“Okay, jadi aku yang cari buku-bukunya, fotokopi bahannya, ngeringkes materi sendiri n cari kaitannya sama teori lain? And what r YOU doing?”