It’s Kinda Sweet, But No

Booo! Weeee nifty secret pages. Lucky you if you found this page.

So, straight to the most random point of all. Boy issue

It’s kinda sweet, but no.

He might as well as came to my house with a golden grand escudo and asked me if I would like to accompany him to search a present for his lil sis’s birthday. Huh, yeah real suave.

He might as well as play the part of a ‘oh-gosh, I feel so down under the weather. Could you please pat my back and make me feel a lot better, dear?’. Which I proudly replied by telling him to stop being such a twerp and man up.

He might as well as gave me a bouquet of roses and ever son nonchalantly presented it to me. It honestly freaked me out. The only thing that was screaming in my minds when he gave it was, ‘Dammit, I want to be in a relationship. But not with you!!’. Just how depressing is that?

So what, I like a boy who I know couldn’t be someone more than just a friend. And there’s this other boy who seems to be pinning me, yet he doesn’t have the gut to tell me. Big deal.

Lemme just sit tight and continue watch another round of Dexter. Yeah… that should do.

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