EF#5 – to write or not to write, is that even a question?

Oh dear me… This past week I’ve been rather negligent with the groovy English Friday challenge. I was busy with my report from hell, as I’ve dubbed it these past few posts. The final report about my internship experience was finally done and I’ve submitted it to campus.

Unfortunately, it means missing my chance to submit the fifth week challenge on time. But better late than sorry, so here we go!

What does BEC mean to me?

The thing is, we have major problem with English language, which is obviously given since we’re not raised and cultured with that language. But with globalization, trend these days and all, learning English become a must. But we struggle so hard in learning, in reading all the TOEFL tips and grammatical laws that our eyes become crossed and we eventually give up.

It’s not our fault. It really isn’t. But we can’t help but feel oppressed and distressed by our inability to go English.

I’d rather blame it to our education system and to our culture in exulting the western culture, but it’s not really my place to complain.

My only tip in learning another language is by write in them. When you want to best study English, you gotta write in that language.


The pinnacle of understanding a language is in practicing it. By speaking, cursing, thinking and most of all is writing in that language.

When you have the guts to write in a certain language, it forces you to think and analyze what you’re going to write with that language. You implemented your study of grammar, context propriety and all the jazz into a single grueling essay.

And it’s an extremely fun thing to do in writing in English.

I personally find that language to be the most expressive and enjoyable to read and to write. It’s a thing that happened when you read too much foreign books and too little Indonesian novel. At some point you’ll realize how lacking our mother tongue is compared to English, the nuance and thesaurus are just not enough to express our elation.

See how that goes? Elation means excitement, I could also use the word jubilation, delight, thrill and a lot more synonym to make my writing more dynamic. Point is, writing in English is Amazing. My diaries could be major evidence in how much I write in English.


For me, BEC stands as a medium where people can start learning English in the most effective way ever. And it really made me enthusiast when I see there are so many fellow enthusiast who’s also working their way in writing in English.

There’s nothing more fun than seeing how people grow to be better in writing in a language that I really love. The more people submit, the more they write and express in English, the more closer they are in understanding and using the language.

It’s an exciting and fun way to learn.

Which is why I bow down to the great admins of BEC and offer them my thanks in working hard for this project.

I salute you and you guys are amazing. No, we are amazing, everybody who’s working their blog for this challenge is amazing.

So thumbs up for us, and let the words flow out.

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