[EF]#4 – I want you

Groovy english friday challenge this week is quite amazing. I had to think quite hard to come up with something original and had to even check their wikia for some inspiration. Until then it hit me.

What do I want from Doraemon? Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t?

I want Doraemon!

The thing is, Doraemon is not a tool. He’s not a fairy god mother who come and swoop the day with his magic pouch. He’s not there to coddle Nobita and submit to his every whim and demand. But wait that’s exactly what he did..

At first, that is exactly what Doraemon to Nobita. And it always sort of bugged me with how weak, silly and cry baby Nobita was. Real life is hard, and having somebody to hold your half-empty glass doesn’t make your journey into adulthood any easier.

Dude, Nobita, wake up.

And he did wake up. A goodbye marks for the hard truth. Loosing your safety net is hard, but loosing a friend you can depend to? It’s a lot harder.

From a magical pouch who have everything, Doraemon grew into something that goes beyond a tool. He’s a friend, a companion, a crazy tanuki (oops, I mean CAT!!) robot that shows Nobita the world.

At some point in our life, we need a trigger that set the motion.

A good friend, a reality check, an honest opinion, a helpful hand that’s going to be there for you. That’s what I want. Somebody who will stand by with me.

11 thoughts on “[EF]#4 – I want you

  1. Beautiful! Love your point of view of describing what’s ‘more than meets the eye’ of this robotic cat 😊 A good friend with honest opinion, well who doesn’t need that? 😉

  2. Your post is very deep Tane, instead of picking this or that you go beyond and see the true-est essence of Doraemon. May you will find the one, a friend who will always stand by you.

  3. Tane, I dig this sentence – some point in our life,we need a trigger that set the motion. To me it speaks of getting out of my comfort zone *which I am totally camping in right now*. I don’t wanna get into the next ones for they will only trigger me to vent. LOL. Lovely piece!

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