EF#3 – alien in the crowd

Aloha third week of groovy English Friday challenge! I really love the community even if I’m mostly a silent reader in the WA group. Please forgive my inactivity since this past week I’m literary swamped with preparation of oral exam for my KKL. Thank god it’s over, and now I’m in the midst of post-exam report revision which turns out to be another level of hell…

Yet I’m still pumped up for EF’s challenge and here goes my take for this weeks’s theme: How gadget change my life

How many gadget do you have? Better yet, how many gadgets do I have?

I have a smartphone, laptop and iPad. All of them I used quite frequently for basically the same reason, which are communicating, browsing and reading.

It all seem redundant now that I’ve generalised it. Why have three gadget when a single could cover all features? Lifestyle, necessity and the basic answer of “it’s just there and no one else in the family use it” became my arsenal to answer such question.

What I do with those gadget are all basic and standard use, but what will most likely set me aside is the amount of reading I did with this gadget.

I equipped all three tech with reading program, synchronised and download a whole bunch of ebook and read them. When I woke up and feeling extremely lazy, I grab my phone and read a few chapter before getting out of bed. When I’m waiting for somebody, I whipped out my smartphone or tablet to catch up my reading. When I’m doing my KKL report and found my self at the edge of insanity with the revision from hell, I opened my ebook reader and got lost with my novel.

The longest record I’ve held for reading in my smartphone is a straight 9 hour reading without break. And when I said without break is, I’m holding my smartphone for 9 hours reading a book without stopping for lunch, reading while I’m in the bathroom and etc.

Suffice to say, I read a lot.

But it also mean I miss a lot of thing in life.

Here’s an awesome video of 5 minutes tops which made me felt extremely awful about my gadget:

Point is, gadget is awesome. It’s super helpful, and could answer every single question you have without breaking a sweat, it connects you with people a hundred miles away, it shows you beauty from places you’ve never heard of. Yet it means that you’ll miss everything that is happening around you.

I shudder at the thought of being an alien in the crowd of happy and bustling and social people. I don’t want to be that girl who’s busy reading Jon Snow’ obliviousness in the middle of a party. I also don’t want to be that person who ignore my romantic cafe date in favour of chatting with my kindergarten friend via social media.

Yet I cannot stop reading, texting, browsing and everything these gadget made me dependent of.

It’s hellish, yet it’s a decision everybody must make. Thus in the spirit of self-motivation, I will certainly try to hold myself from interacting with these babies. It’s going to be hard, but I hope it’ll be worth it.

here’s another amazing video about gadget.

Huh, quite confusing no? In the end, it’s really our own decision on how we stand for gadget. Don’t be a stranger, don’t be an alien in the crowd.

8 thoughts on “EF#3 – alien in the crowd

  1. samaan banget sih lebih sering jadi silent reader di WA group chat. hahha
    dan itu itu juga saya banget gadget ujung2nya jadi tools bwt baca buku dan baca baca lainnya 😀

  2. Don’t be an alien in the crowd. I love this! Yes. We have to manage ourself with those gadgets.

    And I am very amazed how you can read for 9 hours… On ipad? Wow… I would have headache if I did it.

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