catcher in the rye

“Nervous breakdown”
is a term that the public uses to characterize a range of mental illnesses,
but generally it describes the experience
under immense pressure,
mental collapse
mental and physical


So it took me 22 months to finish J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye book. Not because I’m a slow reader, I actually finished three-fourth of it at the first week. But because at one point, I hurled that book to the wall and stopped my self from reading it.

The book hits to close to home.

Only now when I’m feeling a lot mature and didn’t have anything else to read did I picked up where I stopped and finished that book in one sitting. A few hours after I finish that book, I banged two different motorcycle. Few days later, my car died in the middle of the street and I lost focus and felt utterly depressed because I.Can’t.Stop.Thinking.About.The.Book

It hit waaaaaay to close to home.

Go figure that out.


It’s scary how a book can affect you in such a holistic way that it halted you from thinking. I guess that’s exactly what makes the book such a quality read. It made you hurl, stomp and weigh your mind so very much.

Few days ago I had a comment thread chat via AO3 with an author, we discussed things around Panic Attack, emotional breakdown and what makes people snapped. At some point I paraphrase this thing from a postmodernism book I read, that whatever movies, books, literature and entertainment offer is a form of simulation for us to deal with IRL problem.

For me, Catcher in The Rye is a scary book because it explains things that I did not understand about a certain somebody. At some point I did got depressed, but I don’t think I’ll ever regret reading it.

Just need to sit down and sort my mind before it eloped with my sanity to the rabbit hole.

I’d recommend you that book, only if you can promise not to compromise your emotional state. It’s a classic book, with a plot that became ever so real and general in real life.


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