Mountain Loads of Yellow Rice

A post from the past semester which I forgot to upload..


Because your Dean can be a sneaky ba—-d for some time.

It all started with my dean’s text on one nice saturday evening.
‘What do you think if we have a farewell party for the german students?’
which I delightfully answered,
‘that will be a great idea sir! Do you have any idea or suggestion?’
later he replied,
‘ok, please do it Tane.’
and that’s that…. *insert cussing here*

Thanks to the super fast reply and great cooperation from the guys and girls from my class, we decide to make it simple, clean and easy. SO here goes the legendary mountainous yellow rice!

We start with Mr. Lukas slicing the top portion of the rice, followed by Fabian and Angie to have a grab of the delightful food.

The others followed suit and mayhem decided to tag along. Really what do you expect from hungry ravenous boarding college student? *hides in a corner*

Fabian and Angie are impressed, out of four class they took here in Atma Jaya, our’s was the only to make such event. Yay FISIP and International Communication class 2012!!


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