Upsy Daisy

Ups and downs here and there~~~~~~

So tired, feeling so incredibly tired because everything seems like an upcoming car wreck. There’s this task, that assignment, the farewell party, the papers the cards, the diagram, the photos the the the theteheheheeee.

YES, accepted challenge must be finished. Assigned mission must be done and 360 pages of a book project must be edited. I’m wallowing in self misery and a make shift pond of tears.

Gooooood lord, I need a vicodin to stay alert House M.D style and a retractable cane to can the nearest useless person in a group. Here’s another rhyme I made during ma’ free time. Yes I have a soft spot for spontaneous poem, and here goes an attempt of some.

How to solve a problem

Without face seemingly too solemn

For life is a game of poker

Where we maintain the face of a sober




tut tut.

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