Nocturnal Result, a note from your chief-in-editor

Nocturnal Result – a note from your chief-in-editor

I proudly presented my self as somebody who dislike working over hours and staying up late into the night. But sometimes special circumstances calls for desperate measure and I’ll be rolling deep into the midnight.

Staying up late is not my thing, god I hate it as much as chewing raw veggies. But when there’s 37 papers which need a speedy review and minor editing, continued with compiling all of ’em into one gigantic stack of PDF, forgive me for cussing and waving my one finger salute here and there.

Blergh, I found it silly that some people failed at writing diction and reference. Some else decide that it will be cool to insert big pictures and lots of gaps to fatten their paper. Some people are an arse by being so uncooperative they decide its cool to play hooky when you’ve been ringing them since the morning.

Lalalalaaaaa…. Once this book project is done, I will be so happy that when there’s a chance to do it again, I will grab ’em and claw them with my vicious fingers, RAWR!!! *uh-oh, Tane finally lost her marbles..*

My eyes are bleary and when I wake up in the morning, it will be that ‘natural-smokey-eye-make-up-look-a-like’. Sometimes people have the need to prod and nub their eyes with chemical substances to achieve such result, when it was really simple (yet unhealthy) to reach the same end.

I’m tired, and cranky but not sleepy. Just how awful is that.. The last time I felt like this was after watching a horrendous Thailand horror movie. It was so scary it gives me jitters for the next few days. Sleep won’t come easily after all these stuff. I’m really waiting for something to knock me and lead me to the wonderful world of sleep.
IDK, since I’ve been rambling here and there for the past few minutes, I thought it won’t do any harm post this silly rhyme I made.

The music proves to be a distract,
It made the mind less intact.
Though it was enjoyable at once,
Is it pleasurable at twice?

Something I made during a traffic jam while I was driving the car, the radio was playing a weird old school punk song. And the song was not helping the jammed mood at all..
Tut tut, I have a knack for anti climax post. Love you, stay safe and take care..!

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