Means to and End, a note from your editor-in-chief

As the class president and chief-in-editor of the upcoming 2 Dunia Satu Kajian, Film Horor dan Roman Indonesia, it will be a total bull if I’m not the least annoyed.

This position is a major upgrade from my usual reviewer, beta reader and plot discussion acts in It has been a 6 year experience of lurking as an on-and-off reviewer and semi-beta-reader there. Wow.. That’s quite a long time if I think about it again.

So what does a chief-in-editor does? Quite vexing if I may admit. Lots of chasing, editing, searching for reference, cross checking the dates, names, terms and definition. It’s fun but it is taxing.. Especially if you’re working with human beings that doesn’t understand the definition of deadline.

Bah, and they dare call their self an academic scholar…


Some people have trouble with working around the deadlines, when it was really simple if you now how to. The trick is to keep in touch with your agenda and make sure everything is up to date and do-able.

We’re not trying to make a miracle, but simply making means to an end.

Deadlines are not scary, for me personally, it’s a mood and creativity booster. It also teach us to be responsible and to have a target and ends for every project. It’s not right to stretch a task into the infinite and beyond, it’s perhaps the single thing you will regret the most in the future.

Work your deadlines, chase away those laziness and make sure your references are up to date and available. That’s really what I want to yell at the papers I’m handling.



So much to do, so little time. Sacrifice your lunch and dinner and those moments you spend snogging with your pillows. Maybe I’m a work-a-holic, perhaps I’m a perfectionist, and I might as well a demanding control freak. But this is how I roll.

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