A Study In Twitter

Tane Hadiyantono (@tanehadiyantono)
The level of twitards are rising in exponential sequence #nerdtalk
Apparently there are some types of people who’s hands down charming in the real world yet a total b!tch in the Twitter realm. I especially hate those who cuss with pirate mouth and gives the one finger salute in every.single.twit.
There were moments when I felt like punching the unfollow button, but I can’t deny the twit that person made (albeit dirty as hell back and forth) are a bit amusing. This way it almost feel as if there’s somebody out there waaaay worst than I am.
ooops.. such an anticlimax post.

3 thoughts on “A Study In Twitter

  1. you right! the only one who has the right to use the pirate mouth is pirate! and I am a pirate lover, could i do the mouth pirating?

    #ahh just forget what i said, i know what u feel, they do that everywhere beib, hahaha..

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