love finds you in the most unexpected way

Let love be your salvation. Definitely SFW, non-romance, England centric.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

A cheesy love quote which I adore, ‘Love finds you in the most unexpected way. It jumps on your shoulder and clings you tightly’. Let’s have Leonard Cohen sing ‘Hallelujah’ while reading this particular doujin shall we?

This doujin is not as complicated as Arthur in The Dark series (which have reach the 4th installment, mind you..). But it does address several key points why England is a particular…..person.

England’s conception, or Arthur’s childhood didn’t start off well. He was unliked, loathed and hated by his fellow northern territories brother. Yet he always tried his best as a growing (and hated) nation could be.

The King requested him to use the spirit for the goodness of the kingdom (or for the king’s personal gain? IDK.. interpret it the way you want). Arthur realize that it is essentially his job to abide his King’s request, but to use his friends for such quest? It didn’t came easy for Arthur to reach the decision, but the faeries point out that they are friends, and friends help each other. And that was probably the first time for the many next to come which Arthur use magic for such reason.

What he gain was a twisted form of affection.

His state as a nation started not with love from his people (or his King), but from the way they could exploit Arthur in returns of their affection. Eventually Arthur realize that he can never received the love human exhibit and he have made peace with it. As long it’s an attention which drive him as a nation, it shouldn’t really become a bother.

Eventually he meets Alfred in the New World and immediately become his brother. When Arthur took Alfred to bed and told him stories of dragons and village, Alfred cling to him desperately. When it finally reach the time to sleep, Alfred claimed that he want to be hugged by Arthur while sleeping so he could have Arthur in his dream tonight.

With a sleeping Alfred in his arm, Arthur realize with a start the suffocating emotion in his heart. He couldn’t breath, it was crushing and with tears in his eyes he realized those feelings to be love and pure affection.

‘warm, when human touch is it this warm? I never knew when you touch another person, their body heat quickly pours into you. It quickly eats away at you, a happiness that’s almost crushing. Is this love? Thank you God..’



I guess once in a while we need to really look at the definition of love and put aside those romantic behavior. Love is not only about fluttering feelings, skimming hands, eye contact and rapid heart beats. Its also about acceptance, friendship, family and those moment when you are humbled by an unassuming event.

I realized love when my friends hugged me because they haven’t seen me in a while. I realized love when my little brother made me a lovely breakfast set. I realized love when my Father switch side when we were crossing the street so he was the one facing the ongoing cars. I realized love when my mother checks me late at night and remind me not to overdue my self.

Love is everywhere, and it’s what made you warm and so alive.

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