Facts and Arguments

Facts and Arguments

The thing that sucked the most in a heated discussion is when our counterpart suddenly confessed that he’s not exactly familiar with the subject we’re debating on. It’s like walking in a thin layered ice and suddenly oops..! The ice collapsed and you’re left gasping and drowning and ever so angry, stupid and so cold.

Facts fuelled and legitimised an argument, while passion made the discussion ongoing and lively. It’s not a healthy discussion if our counterpart feels and talk as if he owns and knows the subject by the back of his hand, when he obviously doesn’t.

That’s why a group that consist of a somebody who knows the theory by heart lining up with somebody who failed two prior classes required in this subject, simply doesn’t work.

Genius have their limits, while idiot knows none. They can fly, swim, drunk as much as they want while their more intellectual partner gasp, drown and went gaga by herself.

To ditch or not to ditch this sordid excuse of a partner? That is the question….

“Okay, jadi aku yang cari buku-bukunya, fotokopi bahannya, ngeringkes materi sendiri n cari kaitannya sama teori lain? And what r YOU doing?”




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