Four Times The Charm

It’s been a long time since the last time I paint with watercolor, I ended up drawing something from my dream.

First I draw it with pencil, outline it with black pen, erase the pencil lines then color it with OMNI poster color.

There’s something magical with watercolor, the way you have to do it fast before it dries up and you’re left with an uneven patch. Or how too much water in one brush could affect the other colors.

And there’s always something about their pastel color which I really like (:


While drawing this piece I was listening to my ‘Up in the Air Soundtrack’ playlist. There were some songs that made me wonder if the term ‘being up in the air’  really means being super high on drugs and completely unobtrusive towards the world.

I’m up in the air,
Choices drifting by me everywhere.
And I can’t find the one
That would help me do the work I’ve left undone,
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

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