Zhao’s Seal of Approval, a Legend of Korra Review

Zhao’s Seal of Approval, a Legend of Korra Review


Disclaimer. Avatar : The Legend of Aang, The Legend of Korra, Bleach and Dante Basco are not mine. Neither their characters, series and voice *sigh..*. Picture belongs to rufftoon in DA



Probably the few scenes worth the watch were when Tarrlok blew the ship him and Noatak was sailing, Iroh’s grand aerial battle, Hiroshi Sato’s revelation, the court flashback and Uncle Bumi’s appereance….

The rest? Pffft… Stupid teenagers hormone, boyfriend stealing and a dud four square love story (Korra likes Mako who likes back Korra but he’s currently dating Asami who really likes Mako; and Mako’s lil Bro, Bolin likes Korra. Geez)

With Korra and Mako revealed as the canon couple, I was assured that TLOK really is an outrage misconception of frustrated Zutarian back at Nickelodeon studio. Flame and water creates…steam?? That is just….so eww! May I remind you that this is kids’ movie?! The amount of stealing glances, sexual frustration innuendo and boob tight clothes are severely aggravating!!

Young Noatak reminded me of the child version of Kuchiki Byakuya, especially the glare that freezes the blood.

Sibling issue once again played a major plot in the Avatar universe. Azulon and his brother in arm’s Avatar Roku, Ozai and Iroh, Azula and Zuko, Noatak and Tarrlok and a slight rivalry between Mako and Bolin. The theme is starting to get a bit boring, why not throw an illicit lover over a seemingly perfect couple? Wait, that’s exactly what they did, huzzah for Mako, Korra and Asami..

On the last episode when Korra manage to bend the only element left, she punched a whirlwind to Amon. That move was a firebending punch to the extreme, which really proves nothing and everything at the same time. Where’s the ‘be a leaves’ philosophy behind the air bending? The only explanation that kinda fits was that Korra bended hot air with firebending stances (shoutout for Vathara).

I.Don’t.Like.The Legend of Korra.

What did the show teach us? Never give up without a fight. Trust your Avatar guts over simple logic. Trash a city and burn a fish from the public park’s pond. Steal a boyfriend (shoutout for Vathara’s husband stealer).

The few great things about TLOK were the decision to bring back Dante Basco to the show, his heavenly voice graced us for three glorious episodes which people approved. Besides I bet the fans are really glad that Iroh II is taking his grandfather’s footsteps rather seriously, the navy, the ship commanding, the firebending technique, the voice…

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