Responsibility, with a capital R

“Hei, you wanna drive the car?”

“wha…. Seriously?”
“yeah, I feel like taking a nap..”
And that’s how I spent the night with a certain someone, driving his car to my place after we drop a friend to her house. There’s this lovely feeling of –gosh, he trusted me enough to drive his car??– which was wonderful and nice and all.. But it also reminded me with probably one of the cheesiest superhero phrase ever, “with great power comes great responsibility”.
Despite the bubbly feeling of driving his car, there’s also this foreboding gnaw in my mind that I can’t screwed up in this drive. Screwing up could mean a huge repair with my pocket in line, a giant invisible elephant between me and him -courtesy to guilt and everything- and a dramatic screech on somebody else’s car. Yes the priorities are rather messed up, but you do understand, doncha?
That’s really a bit too much for a simple drive back home, nee??

Point is, we really really need to be extra careful with handling stuffs. Especially other people’s stuffs. You may be a pro at driving blindfolded with your trusted car, but that’s the problem. It’s your car, not someone else’s car that you really have no jurisdiction to drive. It’s really a scary feeling.

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