Knit Down Memory Lane

This warm sweater… :,)


A few days ago I went to a Anyberry Research distro in Jalan Mataram – Yogyakarta and discovered this baby. This is not just a sweater I randomly picked, but a sweater which reminded me of a certain sweater from my childhood times in Glasgow.

Back in Glasgow I attend a private catholic school who entitled us with these cute business like uniform. Dark blue knee length skirt, sky-blue buttoned up shirt, tie with blue stripes, dark blue vest on summer and a sweater for winter. This Volume/Anyberry Research sweater reminded me of the winter sweater. Down to the color, texture and how the sleeve is longer than my arm and how I need to bunch the sleeve a bit so it wont dangle awkwardly.

Personally I think they overcharge the price, but I don’t think it could hurt anybody (except my wallet..) for a token that resembles something I cherished in the past.

Yes.. I’m a size ‘S’!!!

This baby is fast becoming my favorite apparel, it’s extremely fun when I wore it for a trip to my college with motorcycle. As the wind blast me, this sweater keeps my body warm and I can’t help but to smile and remember those cold summer days in Glasgow.

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