Reply Reviewer, eeek!!!

lol lol lol lol, I almost forgot how fun it was to review in, and how scary it could be.

Even writing review needs momentum inspiration, not just pretty words spurted out for the sake of convenience. I remember always trying to make it sweet, sour, pricky, analytical or perhaps downright fuzzy. But it’s always fun, and there’s no real sanction or risk to it. Except if the author read your review and decide to reply it.

‘….thanks for the review! Though I did mention that part you were confused about, didn’t you read it..?’

‘…oh well, please tell me the chapters you have difficulties with, and those you mentioned lacking the page breaks..’

‘..nah uh, that’s not in my mind when I wrote it…’

 ‘…gosh I hate it when people think it otherwise..’

oh dear, I just made my self a complete buffon in their eyes, and perhaps delude their self into thoughts to DISCONTINUE the fic.

Kill me and bury me twenty six feet deep, I shall resurrect and dance my killer disco moves happily ever after, refer to this awesome wicked fic -> INFERNO.


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