Officially a Certified Bookworm

It all started when my family decide to dump (give away as a better terminology) our ancient english novel to the city library.

And thus together with my brother, we went to the library and dump a whole load of box filled with english book to the brim. But upon questioning and inquisitive glare, we found out that our english based novel books will be traded with any university that took interest of our book for children books.

Which is fine, cool actually.

But NOT satisfying.

So, with the support of my parents, eternal craziness and -muka badak-ness I decide to post a complain (eg building critics) to the Library Center via…. well practically every link I could possibly grasp.

It started with KedaulatanRakyat, Pemkot Jogja, The Library’s site itself (where I wrote down a super massive long complain in the guest list’s book) and

Whut happened next??

My letter was officially published by Kompas!! Imagine that..!

It has 236 hits (currently) and I hope it will go up up away with the speed of light.

Har har!!


Side notes: As I write this post, my Tom Yum Soup which I heated earlier have blown its kettle  to call me. I can smell the delicious odor of seafood in the air, as well as boiled water and burnt!!


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