A too random me is not exactly a happy me

ooo.. Nasty thoughts. Will prolly need a PG stamp on this post. Kidding lol. Of random thoughts that graced my mind as I type this insecure post.

Nuff said, as I go teary eyes in front of my chummies of recent event and mega catastrophic that even Rachel Berry from Glee wouldn’t find a decent song to sing for.

I’m being sarcastic enough that the mere motion of plugging a jagged saw into my heart wont even hurt a tiny bit.

Yeah yeah rite, let the queen bee buzzes her way outta the emergency door. If we’re lucky she’ll jump the twenty store building in a fury delicacy and we’ll see her smashing smashed up face in Daily’s front page.

“I shant tell you how much it will be a pleasure of mine  to drove my cart onto your face.”

I need a Kleenex. FAST!!

Arthur dear, I need you to go to the asylum and convinced the people there that we need a reservation for you. Could you please be kind enough and do it?

“Sorry to bust your bubbles, I don’t date girls with mosquito bite boobs.”

Charm the charmers who charmed the charming Charmangle

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