Cycle Me to The Moon

Weee…. Prior after watching the last episode of Top Gear season 10, where Jeremy, Richard, James and The STIG, went for a race of  “Who’s Faster than James May on a Two Ton Car in London Monday Busy Hour” in which dear Richard Hammond won with his 1200 pound bike, it delightfully motivated (e.g inspire, lighten ma day, switch a bulb in ma head etc, etc,etc) to start cycling!

And since the current time as I wrote this post are those period when you’re waiting with shudders all over your body for the High School’s final exam test result, there’s really nothing to do but,






Hang Out.

Google looklet for prom dress.

Re-read past time comics that smells of fungus.

Study for SNMPTN.

Bake failure brownies that taste like….forget it…

Wow, how very much productive that even Martha Stewart would highly approve.

And thus, just like Orion who got struck by the arrow from Artemis, who was tricked by her slimy brother Apollo, who’s really jealous that his lovely sister was tightly engaging in a lip lock with Orion, who swam in the sea and was mistook as a floating anonymous algae, and was killed under a stupid challenge, I was struck with the inspiration to cycle every morning.

And so, I set off every morning at 5 am (hopefully..) for a cycle from my home to wherever. But always with Malioboro Street as the finish line. Since Jogja is such a fine city when the motor cycle are at its lowest rate, and no crazy car honking its way like its carrying a soon to be mother, and the weather is just fine cozy cold that you felt the chills ran over your spine and tingles the hair on the back of your neck. Hands down, its such a great moment that one couldn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of!

When the sun haven’t break the dawn and the sky is as misty as it could be with the sweet tingling of fading stars running towards the horizon, I cycle my way in an orange Polygon Premiere Series that belongs to my brother.

I could faintly hear the sound as the tires squish the hard asphalt and made this easing soft and solid sound, and the tingling sound when the tires spin as I paddle all through my way.

Smiling like a goofy bear (if bear could smile aniweiz..) and so I cycle..




Funny thing is, I always manage myself to grab some cash and vowed myself to stop at Mc D which open for 24 hours and grab a morning set which consist of delicious burger slash muffin thingy thingy. But I never got the chance too! The sensation as I ride through the solid ground and slash the wind with lazy pedal stroke ease the hunger and wantings for the food and so I passed Mc D with another stupid goofy smile and chanting Dory’s song from finding Nemo. ‘No dinner tonight, you’re on a diet~~’

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